About Us

Welcome to the F Bomb. We are Fat Boys on Mountain Bikes. The name is also particularly fitting since we can often be heard dropping the F bomb while pedaling our out of shape selves through the woods.

Like all great ideas, this one started out with plenty of liquid inspiration sitting around a table at a bar, specifically Tommy C’s in Port Orchard with Jeff, Abel, Dru and myself.

Two months earlier I had started CrossFit, and eating healthy trying to better myself. Jeff and Tim, seeing my progress decided to purchase mountain bikes, and not to be left behind I also made the trek to REI to buy one.

Jeff and Tim started biking their way to the top of Gold mountain a few times, and they talked me into joining them one night (also fueled by a fair amount of liquid encouragement) against my better judgement. So the next morning I made the trek to Jeff’s house with my barely broken in bike. Unfortunately Tim couldn’t make it out that morning so it was just Jeff and I. With my constant encouragement We made it to the top. 1200 feet net elevation gain, 4.5 miles one way. This would later be dubbed the initiation task to gain entry into the prestigious club “Team F Bomb”. As others saw our success they to wanted to be cool like Jeff and I and began joining us.

We can often be found struggling to the top of Gold Mountain on the weekend, or taking a stroll through Banner Forest during the week.

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