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Team FBOMB rides again.

Finally made it out to Banner Forest with Jeff and Able.  Man I forgot how sore your seat gets the first few rides!

Banner Forest Ride, 6/11/12

Time Time: 1:17:25
Distance: 5.69 miles
Average: 6.30 mph
Fastest Speed: 23.07 mph
Ascent: 263 feet
Calories: 638

Banner Forest, 8/9/2011

Has it really been over a month since we last rode out in Banner?  Way to long.  We managed to cross two more trails off of our list.  Tim was a STUD out there, and Jeff, well he almost puked.  Guess 70 degrees is a bit warm for him.

I did something a bit different with the map this time, and have displayed all of our rides since 4/30/2011 in a different color.  My Banner odometer is at 104 Miles!

Distance: 6.6 miles
Ride Time: 1:30
Map: Banner8_10

Banner, 7/6/2011

Summer has finally arived in the pacific northwest, and Jeff is already wishing it was raining!

Finally rode Wired Brain and Sidewinder.  I promised Tim a nice easy ride back, and ended accidentally up taking him UP Bloviate, a trail he said he never wanted to go on again. 

Banner Forest Ride 7/6/2011

Banner Forest, 6/29/2011

This map is not quite accurate as it doesn’t show that we were on separate trails half the time.  Way to go, I let Jeff lead and we can’t seem to stay on the same trail.

Banner Forest Ride 6/29/2011

Superman! (Right over the handlebars)

I once again showed my awsomeness today. Having fun flying down Wild Hare loop, onto Roller Coaster, slipped on some mud, ran into a root and flew right over my handlebars. Nice bruise on each leg the size of a handle bar to prove it. Just before I hit the ground face first I thought “to bad I dont have my helmet cam on!” We also scratched several more trails off the list including part of Roller Coaster, Wild Hare Loop, Echoes, Ravens Call, and part of Croaking Frog.

Distance was about 6.7 Miles.

Map of Banner Forest Ride, 6/25/2011

Banner Forest, June 18, 2011

Another great (but muddy) ride.  Marked several trails off the “Done List”; Lariat Loop, Stumps(Can’t believe we avoided it this long), Bloviate, Mushroom, Dragonfly, Donald Duck and a wonderful ride up Olalla Valey Road!

6/18/2011 Banner Ride

Banner, BBQ, and Bands

Today was a busy day.  Jeff, Tim, and Allen rode Banner Forest today and conquored a couple of great trails.  Trepidation and Capitulate… well, Trepidation was a tough going.  After we met up at Allens house for Steaks and Chicken BBQ, and after Allen and Jeff headed to Hell’s Kitchen in Tacoma to watch Stone Axe play.

Ride Map, 6/15/2011

Team F Bomb Rides Again (finally)

Great day for a ride.  We even got Tim out and didn’t kill him! 


Team Fbomb has been busy with other life responsibilities and have not been riding as much as we would like, but we did get out and ride on the 18th for a bit.   We finished the west end of Mismash, wasn’t as bad as the east end.  Other new trails conqured included Oakland and Flying Squirl.  

It was a very nice day for a ride, and since I got locked out of the house with my wife not coming home for hours we had to re-hydrate at Tommy C’s afterwards, damn I hate it when that happens.


Map: Banner5_18
Google map of our ride:
Ride Time: 1:28:14
Distance: 5.23 miles

Banner Forest, 5/2/2011

 Again, Smokin’ Dru gave Jeff and I a run for our money.  We took Tunnel Vision and Mantis around the swamp, Golden Gate to Fusion Loop and accidentally ended up on Ollala Valley road a mile from the Banner entrance!  The icing on the cake was the eastern portion of Mishmash.  “It’s all downhill” said Dru… last time we listen to him.  Brutal is the only word I can think of to describe this trail.  Glad we did it, won’t be on the list again for a while (although we still need to do the western portion).

PDF Map showing conquered trails and todays ride: Banner5_2
Ride Time: 1:22:12
Distance: 5.37 miles