Bike Rides

Team F Bomb members ride posts.

Banner Forest, 4/30/2011

Great ride today out at Banner Forest with Jeff, Dru and Allen.  We worked our tail off keeping up with Dru, but we must have done well since we all ended up with a Blue Ribbon from Pabst!

Time 1:27:17
Distance: 5.64 miles
PDF Map showing conquered trails and todays ride:Banner4_30

Banner, 4/23/2011

Best day so far for a bike ride! Sun, 60 degrees, and almost dry trails. Hit Greek row, K2, Banner Alley. What a blast.

Time 2:10:20
Distance: 8.2
Map (ignore the last two miles, forgot to turn off the GPS)

Banner Forest, 4/20/2011

Nice day for a ride. I’m really starting to enjoy trail riding.

Time: 1:13:36
Distance: 5.16 miles

Banner Forest, 4/18/2011

Great ride at banner today with Jeff, rode a couple different trails and got done just before the rain hit. The bike gods smiled on us once again!

Time 1:13:44
Distance: 6.50 miles

Gold Mountain, 4/16/2011

Great ride today with Jeff. Rode up to Gold Mountain again, but today we rode to the back side, then a couple miles over to what I thought was the CenCom towers, but I think it was the wrong hill. Was a great view for 5 minutes, then a fog bank rolled in. I will post some more pics on the Facebook page.

Distance: 14.73 miles



Banner Forest, 4/13/2011

“let’s just see where this trail goes”. Jeff will never follow me again!

Time: 41:06
Distance: 6.23 miles




Banner Forest, 4/12/2011

Thanks for kicking my ass today Jeff. Like I said, I can bring you a 25 pound weight vest to even things out a bit next time.

Time: 46:09
Distance: 7.75 miles

Gold Mountain, 4/10/2011

Today is one of those days where it takes a bit if extra motivation to get out, wet, rainy and cold, but I know all I have to do is drop the whimp bomb on Jeff and there is no getting out of it. Rode a nice mountain road near Gold Mountain, not as much elevation gain as the summit, but enough to make you work, but stay on the bike most of the time. Thanks for the motivation, sorry if I pushed you to hard (that will teach you to not drink Crown and Coke till 0830.

Time 1:01:39, 10.68 miles, see, 10.39 MPH average.


Ocean Shores, 4/8/2011

Another beautiful day down at Ocean Shores. I wimped out a bit, rode to Ace Hardware to get a bicycle tire pump cause I think my tires are a bit low (at least that’s my excuse for how hard I have to pedal), but they were out. My chain keeps hanging up at the rear de-railer, assuming it’s about time for the break-in tuneup. When they suggested the tune-up after 60 miles I assumed it would take months. Well after riding 20+ miles a week it I am already there.

Time: 21:11, 4.48 miles, see, 12.69 MPH average.

Ocean Shores, 4/7/2011

What a great day for a ride! Sunny and cool, still had to push myself to get off my camp chair and climb on my bike but glad I did.

Time 37:16, 7.52 miles, see, 12.10 MPH average.