What Is Your Excuse?

Trail Etiquette and Safety

Found a great article on sharing the trails with horses and hikers.

Do, or Do Not. There Is No Try.

Once you convince yourself you are capable of something, nothing can stop you from being successful, but if you tell yourself that you are not capable of something, you will always fail. The hardest part of any new challenge is convincing ourself that we can do it. Remember that if you do not succeed on the first try, or fall down on a path you are taking it is not a failure, it is a learning experience, a chance to find out what does not work. Get up, dust yourself off and move on.


Well, due to unforseen circumstances we took the week off, but I am sure we will make up for it tomorow out in Banner Forest.  Should be a GREAT day for a ride.  Sunny & 55 Degrees, cant ask for much better.

Here is a map I have created with everything we have done to date out in Banner.  I vote for Stumps and Capitulate, and then who knows what after that if we survive.

299.8 and counting

Today I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a Mac Truck.  The last 2 CrossFit Workouts kicked my ass (in a good way).   When I stepped on the scale this morning I was at 299.8 pounds, 30 pounds lighter than I was at the beginning of the year.  Last week I told my family that when I broke 300 we would go celebrate at Dairy Queen.  This morning i told them that they would have to go celebrate without me, because I decided I don’t need that reward, seeing the scale at less than 300 was reward enough.

I have also realized that I have overcome another obstacle.  Before I joined CrossFit I was very self conscious.  I was very uncomfortable with the thought of working out in front of others, would never have considered posting my weight, or ridden a bike down the street.  The anxiety level I had walking into the gym the first night was incredible, I can remember taking a deep breath just before I opened the door and telling myself “I can do this” (or maybe it was what the fuck am I doing, I don’t quite remember).  I have come to a point where I don’t care if others have negative thoughts, and really believe that most people are supportive.  I am doing this for me, and if someone wants to get a chuckle out of that Fat Guy on the Mountain Bike, then I am glad I could put a smile on their face.

I am so excited about what the future holds for me.  I am looking forward to going hiking, REAL mountain biking, rock climbing, or even jumping out of an airplane if I want to.  All the things that my weight have been holding me back from doing for my entire life.

I am so lucky to have friends’ joining me on this journey.  I’m sure it will be a fun ride!

A latte and a smile.

This morning at CrossFit I was tired, not up to my prime, still trying to recover from vacation I think. Afterward I stopped to get a latte and ran into Diane Snow who didn’t recognize me at first. I politely smiled and said something about my grey hair or age and she replied no, I think you look skinnier! Just what I needed to hear.


I’m testing the WordPress App on my phone so Allen will get off my a$$ for not contributing to the site as this is supposed to be a team effort.


I can always count on my good friend Terri to give me encouragement. She will always be in my “Circle Of Support”. Today, I came in to work and found this in my in box. No doubt in my mind where it came from.


Welcome to the F Bomb. As it says above in the title, we are Fat Boys on Mountain Bikes, the name is also particularly fitting since we can often be heard dropping the F bomb while pedaling our out of shape selves through the woods.

Like all great ideas, this one started out with plenty of liquid inspiration sitting around a table at a bar, specifically Tommy C’s in Port Orchard with Jeff, Abel, Dru and myself.

Two months earlier I had started CrossFit, and eating healthy trying to better myself. Jeff and Tim, seeing my progress decided to purchase mountain bikes, and not to be left behind I also made the trek to REI to buy one.

Jeff and Tim started biking their way to the top of Gold mountain a few times, and they talked me into joining them one night (also fueled by a fair amount of liquid encouragement) against my better judgement. So the next morning I made the trek to Jeff’s house with my barely broken in bike. Unfortunately Tim couldn’t make it out that morning so it was just Jeff and I. With my constant encouragement Jeff and I made it to the top. 1200 feet net elevation gain, 4.5 miles one way. This would later be dubbed the initiation task to gain entry into the prestigious club “Team F Bomb”. As others saw our success they to wanted to be cool like Jeff and I and began joining us.

We can often be found struggling to the top of Gold Mountain on the weekend, or taking a stroll through Banner Forest during the week.